There’s no place like home…but Venice is pretty cool. It was hot, busy in the tourist areas, but fine in other quieter streets. Venice also has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, though also quite bizarre. It’s a total labyrinth of strange little lane ways and bridges. We were wonderfully lost the entire time we were there! But lost in the best kind of way.

Venice has so much history I wouldn’t know where to begin. It is on a lagoon, thus to travel around you need to by water, which I really enjoyed. The lagoon water level occasionally rises above the level of the squares and streets, flooding them. This can happen several times a year, at irregular intervals, usually in the colder months, and the whole place will eventually sink. While I was there it was so hot though, I think almost the hottest day I have experienced in Europe. On the vaporetto (which is like a water bus), it was intense heat, close to passing out.

I also got to go see the library where they filmed a scene from Indiana Jones where he finds a secret passage. It was totally my dream to stumble upon a secret entrance You know, how you will be at a random old church, just talking to your friends, and you accidentally press against a stone engraving in the wall, causing an opening to appear which you fall through, and then it shuts behind you quick fast. Your friends look around and wonder where you have gone, and on the other side you find yourself in a darken room, filled with old relics and religious artefacts from another age, creating the start of an adventure across time and Europe. Haha okay perhaps my imagination gets away with me, but I really wanted it to happen in Venice. But yeah, Venice is an awesome place and is definitely worth spending time there.

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