Making it happen

I am always intrigued with how everyday interaction with people and experiences shape our dreams, goals and expectations. Being a dreamer, I am always thinking big thoughts, about possibilities, about making it happen. I love to talk to people about what their secret desires and aspirations are, because often people don’t share these deep thoughts with the general population due to fear. Fear of being laughed at, fear of rejection, fear of the reaction. And that’s always because people are so quick to cut down those with great ideas and possibilities. “Oh no, that’s not possible” “What a ridiculous idea, you could never manage that” “What a silly thought” “Just get a normal job like every other normal person”. I find it all incredibly sad. Which is why I love to talk to people about their desires, because my reaction is always “Wow, what an amazing thought. Let’s make this happen, what is the next step to getting this done, let’s do this”. And I really believe that. See the potential, see the possibility. It’s actually surprising how just having a little belief in a person and letting them know that your there with them, supporting them, will help spurn them on to achieving great things.

If I was to describe my ideal life as an image. I’d be lying down in the middle of an old pine forest, heaps of space around me, wedged between the beach and the mountains, staring at the stars with a camp fire, my girl, a guitar and a bunch of surf boards, and it makes me so thankful that this is become more real, every day. I have had a different thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head this year, and after speaking to various friends and people who I admire, the focus has begun to become crisper, which I am excited to share. There are two defining passions in my life, nature, and music. I dearly wanted to combine them, and in a manner that would reflect these passions without compromise. When I adventure out on hikes, I come across the most scenic locations, which can only be reached by hours and hours on foot. No road access. I love to perform and record music. Combing these two, I have started work on a seven part music series, with each episode about a different adventure and hike into the wilderness, with a performance record at a unique location. Each episode will also hold a theme, for example, a trip along the coast, ending in a ukulele performance across the ocean, or a hike through the Outback, with a percussive ending while the twilight and stars of the great land shine through. It’s all very exciting. There are barriers, like with any idea. Carrying recording equipment, an instrument, and everything else across ten hour walks will not be easy. The weather may be rough. Getting the right sound in the middle of nowhere. But that’s okay, I welcome the challenges, it is part of the process.

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