Every year I set goals for myself in all areas of my life. Most of them I never hit, some of them are already distant memories by Easter and never come close due to life changes and the ebb and flow that happens over time. My musical goals are, however, very concrete. I strive for them with such determination and intensity, making as many sacrifices as possible to reach them. Two of my main goals of 2013- record an entire acoustic/folk EP myself, do everything from playing every instrument, singing, to mixing the tracks, and being able to play ‘Ocean’ by John Butler, note for note on a 12 string guitar, by Christmas. The second goal is what I am more excited about. Creating and recording music is definitely the most satisfying thing I do, but it is often met with lack of direction, and takes an immense amount of time. It’s like you’re running a race, but you don’t know where the finish line is, or if you will ever get there- it’s just the nature of writing music. The entire canvas is blank, and the possibilities are infinite. That is why I often enjoy learning someone else’s song, as best I can. It gives you a clear cut post to measure yourself against.

Learning Ocean poses some problems for me though. While I am a multi-instrumentalist, and not the greatest one at that, I never really play guitar. Ever. I am now in the process of learning and absorbing fingerstyle, flamenco methods, playing folk records and doing as much as I can on the instrument. Then around July I will pick up the 12 string guitar and start working away at that. Hopefully by then I will have a strong enough platform for my fingers.

One of my favorite things about this piece, and the guitar as an instrument for that matter, is the perfect ratio of melody and harmony being played simultaneously. It’s really a limitless instrument! The dynamics keep you engaged, and the repeated themes get stuck in your head. It’s really a beautifully written piece.

Music makes you associate it’s message with joys and troubles in life, it’s what we unconsciously search for. Rare moments are the ones when music makes you ignore troubles in mind and concentrate on positive emotions that grow within yourself at the time of listening. It’s joy,it’s awe,it’s peace,it’s everything I can’t describe..that is the power of perfect music. And this song has it all, so amazing

So hang out for the end of the year, because, without doubt, I will upload my video version.

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    i think i just found a piece of heaven in these sounds. 12 minutes of a dream.
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