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Anonymous asked:
what is your opinion on drugs? specifically entheogens that catalyze hallucinogenic spiritual experiences and transcendence x

When I was nineteen I met this man who had some radical notions, who was so different from any person that had crossed my path. His ideas and thoughts were inspiring and he made me feel like the world is open for anything.  He never really gave the answers, but its in the process which creates thought. Debate and discussion. Its all about the big picture, man. All we have is the moment we are in, the past is cool and memories are rad, but don’t let it define your entire essence and being. There future is equally as confusing, it shapes our actions in the now, but when it forces our hand, the whole self-fulfilling prophesy circle bites. 

Look inside yourself and see what you need for the journey, but remember, one day far from now you will only have yourself. And when you reach that point of inward time, its best to be whole. 

Anonymous asked:
please, write a book.

I have many dreams about writing books. I do this thing where I can just disappear into my thoughts, often in the most inappropriate of times. It could very well be within a conversation, one moment we would be going deep on the fundamentals of social engineering, and my mind will suddenly wander to creative lands. Huge canvas skies filled with technicolor rainfall, seas with unknown extremes being journeyed upon by adventures souls, a young man crossing an intrepid forest filled with mystery and disasters, a spiritual revolution pending on his survival. I dream about painting the picture of far away lands, told through traditional means of storytelling, forever solidified in the written word. The books will come my friend, but only if I can do them justice. I want to add to the meaningful art of the world, not take away

On Friday night four of my Australian friends surprised with an overseas trip to New Zealand. We then spent the entire weekend watching the sunset in the west, climbing through tunnels in mountains in the east, watching the moon in it’s closet form in a century and laughing and drinking into the early morning. Here are some of the moments with my family and my love.

Anonymous asked:
you should put your music on spotify if possible :)

I have had previous bands of mine up there, but since all my solo music is free, haven’t used the regular distribution channels. I’ll make it happen now x

Downloaded your album, I definitely love it!!

Thankyou friend. It has been my favourite so far. Capturing the Autumn chill of the Australian Alps was really special. Everything is peaceful, waiting. The winter wind is coming but until that first day of snow, reflecting.

eazy-ee asked:
I think what you said about Chris McCandless is very interesting. Your wisdom and way of articulating your thoughts are very resemblant of McCandless. It’s nice to hear such open minded and enlightening ideas. What do his words “happiness is only real when shared” mean to you?

In it’s most simple form we are social creatures and enjoy sharing our stories, our lives. Community, laughter, relationship. I love going on adventures and the experiences and challenges that arrive from them. But I also love to tell the stories and moments with friends, let them share in the experience. I also love to hear the stories of others. I would like to think Chris thought along a similar vibe. It’s sad he has no idea how many people he inspired.

Mauao is an extinct volcanic cone which rises above the town. According to Maori legend, this hill was a  slave to a mountain called Otanewainuku. Jessie and I sat on Mount Maunganui and watched the sun rise, from completely darkness to morning. One of the most amazing moments. 

Catching a sunrise at Mt Maunganui. I heard it was one of the best in the world, and it delivered. Amazing.
Catching a sunrise at Mt Maunganui. I heard it was one of the best in the world, and it delivered. Amazing.

Catching a sunrise at Mt Maunganui. I heard it was one of the best in the world, and it delivered. Amazing.

Anonymous asked:
I feel like I have so much to offer life, I want to help people and take chances and inspire, and you do it all so well. But tbh I'm not very pretty, boys haven't ever been interested in me, and my self confidence has taken a hit, it stops me from being the best I can in all areas of my life. Maybe you can provide guidance? Thanks x

You listen to me. No one of importance gives a damn about how you look or what you own. You have brains, it’s obvious. Everyone’s good looks will fade away, and people put stock in their face lose their self value over time. They get depressed when they get wrinkles, or their tits are too saggy to get a free drink at the bar, or their teeth fall out and their fakeness catches up with them.
Every damn day we watch once attractive celebrities face the great equalizer: age. And 9/10 times they fight it because they are told to, the worst thing they can be is “ugly”. Then we as a society poke fun at their botox distorted faces, their plastic surgery twisted and scarred bodies, their over-processed and thinning hair. It’s more than sad how much society tells you to fight looking ugly, it’s disgusting. We end up embarrassed, feeling worthless and useless when here is the freakin kicker: Everyone that gets old dies physically ugly.

Iggy Pop, Donatella Versace, Janet Reno, Helen Clarke, Anthony Davis, Bronte, Bill Murray, Mark Twain, Stephen Hawking, Elena Kagan… the list of successful people with scars, that are ugly or odd looking, or even physically disabled, people started out poor, or abused, could go on indefinitely. No one gives a damn how they look or where they are from. They are just awesome for the sake of being awesome. Scholars, writers, scientists, actors, singers, athletes, physicists, politicians.

To steal some ideas from others, remember: You are not your car. You are not your apartment. You are not what you own. You are not even your face. Looks are a depreciating asset. You don’t invest money in depreciating assets. Don’t invest your time and energy, they are precious. You are amazing. You have survived your entire life up until now. Abuse, death, loss, pain. You kicked its ass. You’ve set goals and you met them, already you are ahead of the game.

You can make it. Don’t ever let someone else make you feel like nothing, and whatever you do, do not mourn for someone that made you feel like shit. Because you are not shit. You are the best thing that has ever happened. You are radical. You are awesome.
You take that big, unique brain and you rise above. You have been given much more than what 80% of the world has to go on, use it. You aren’t physically disabled, you have smarts, and you are capable, you are a survivor.
Talk to a counselor. Listen to good music. Go for a run. Smile. Force yourself to meditate. These things are free and will help break you out of this funk.
Take a breath and march on. You got this x

The adventures of Lulu and Bobby, Long Bay Auckland.